No other lead offers as much value for the money as trigger leads

We offer mortgage trigger leads and auto trigger leads

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Have you ever wished you could reach more mortgage and automotive customers through  direct marketing. Now you can with trigger leads from triggerleads.  

Trigger Leads

Automotive and Mortgage

Welcome to Have you ever wished you could reach more customers through advertising? Have you tried direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns that have failed? Do you worry that your advertising methods are not reaching your specific target audience? Trigger Leads allow you to target customers that are in market to purchase a new automobile or refinance the current mortgage. This can greatly increase the success of your advertising campaign.

 We specialize in auto trigger leads and mortgage trigger leads providing credit offers to qualified customers. Our auto leads are a complete solution enabling your dealership to reach customers who are looking for their next vehicle or new purchase of a home.  By targeting your preferred customer using the selected criteria we are able to send a mailer out first class to people who are in market to purchase now! Allowing you to get in front of potential clients who qualify for your products.

Our trigger leads allow you to find people in the market to purchase. We target people by your chosen criteira who have the ideal credit score  for your product. You can filter the mortgage leads not only by credit score and loan type, you can also search for lender name(FHA, Conventional, VA, ARM), loan balance, LTV and revolving debt to name a few.

We have AAA Rating with the BBB. We are a family founded American business employing American workers.   Many companies which offer leads will not have the same background in mail and printing that we have. Understanding the mailing industry is crucial if you are going to invest your money into a new campaign. An investment is only as good as the rate of return, and we want to maximize your ROI by helping you choose the right options for your business.

Our staff is fully prepared to answer any and all questions that you have. Our company's core philosophy emphasizes not only our knowledge and expertise of mailing and trigger data, but also a strong focus on customer service.  Give us a call at (423)406-1544 to get started.